Responsive Warehousing

We provide fully racked ambient warehousing on the outskirts of Grimsby, within minutes’ reach of the Humber Ports of Immingham and Grimsby.

Waltham Logistics provides very competitively priced storage for your products in a hygienic and secure environment with 24 hour CCTV coverage. We know proximity to your product is vital so we offer our own dedicated, rapid response shuttle service to and from your premises to become your ‘warehouse next door’.

So that you know the exact locations of every one of your products, we are meticulous in our inventories, always holding ourselves accountable to you for your goods, enabling you to retain complete control. We also rapidly pick and dispatch on your request with over 99% accuracy.

Our warehouse pricing structures are straightforward. We charge a single handling charge (RHD) on receipt of your goods into our warehouse so there are no unexpected costs on dispatch.

The rapid destuffing of containers and unloading of vehicles allows us to meet your tight turnaround deadlines. We have the facilities to palletise incoming containerised goods for forward distribution.

We are passionate about maintaining the integrity of your products, resulting in the implementation of rigorous HACCP and Operating Procedures (OPs) to ensure a clean and hygienic warehousing facility.

Explore how warehousing with Waltham Logistics works and how we can provide you with allergen-free storage by downloading our PDFs below.

Warehousing-Allergen-Sensitive-Products---2018--cover  Warehousing-with-Waltham-Logistics---2018--cover


We keep your costs low with competitive pricing and simple, transparent pricing structures.


The integrity of your goods is of paramount importance, so we store with care, and pick with accuracy.

Rapid response pallet picking for urgent delivery, meaning your products are always within reach.


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